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I've had the pleasure of working with CMYK now for just over one year. Having worked with multiple vendors in the USA, my expectations were very high. Jackie at CMYK immediately earned my trust through his ability to carefully listen to what I said, confirming understanding and delivering a beautiful product. From print specs all the way to sample packaging… nicely executed. They are the first vendor I've recommend-ed to my clients without hesitation.

Jaime Ortiz

Forum Asia Pacifc

山东慧彦知识产权运营有限公司,非常有幸同新加坡CMYK 公司合作。我们合作已经有4年了,CMYK 公司工作认真负责,4年以来从未有过任何差错,细节管理十分到位。新加坡CMYK设计并印刷的相关文件帮助我们在商务洽谈中起到了非常重要的作用。期待与新加坡CMYK公司的深度合作!谢谢!