• Binding
  • Brochure
  • Calendar
  • CD/DVD Label
  • CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive Replication
  • Certificate
  • Corporate Gift
  • Corporate Paper Folder
  • Corporate PVC Ring Folder
  • Creative Design
  • Customised Dividers
  • Digital Printing
  • Esko - Die cut
  • Lamination
  • Letter Shopping Service
  • Local & Overseas Delivery
  • Packing & Insertion Service
  • Personalised Data Printing
  • Poster & Banners
  • Punching Holes
  • Storage Service

Be spoilt for choices when it comes to binding your booklets with CMYK. Be it Hard Case Bind, Perfect Bind, Plastic Comb, Saddle Stitch, Screw Bind, Spine Tape, Spiral Coil or Wire-O, you name it, we have it! Right here, we do not just bind them, we would recommend you what is suited for your kind of print!

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service with text-03.png    service with text-04.png


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When it comes to marketing, what better way than to go back to the traditional way of bridging your company to your consumers! But be warned, the printing of your brochure will then represent your company and with CMYK, you can be assured that we will help your company to reach your target audience.


CMYK can print any type or size of Brochure that you require and it is just a call away! 

Brochure 03.jpg    Brochure 02.jpg

Brochure 01.jpg    4 Fold Zig Zag Brochure.jpg 

3 Fold Brochure.jpg    2 Fold Brochure.jpg


Everyone needs a calendar but what sets the calendar that you give is that you print it with CMYK! We offer personalisation calendar that makes it not only a gift, it makes it personal! In this way, you are giving them additional to keep your company name within sight (literally)!

01.jpg    Calendar 04.jpg

Calendar 03.jpg    Calendar 02.jpg

CD/DVD Label

Enhance marketing consistency with your CD cover by printing it directly on the CD! Alternatively, choose our durable and lasting CD Label that will stick firmly on the CD. In this case, there is no reason to lose your CD anymore!

01.jpg    CD Sleeve & Label.jpg

CD Sleeve & Label 03.jpg    CD Sleeve & Label 02.jpg

CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive Replication

Be it a personal's or company's data, we uses a spectrum range of disc media to store our important data. Therefore replication services of CD, DVD or USB stick became an essential need to individuals or a company.

Hence, CMYK is able to provide the burning and duplication of data services to all our customers whom are in need of such services.

Kindly send us an email with your requirements and we will revert the quotation to you accordingly.

Spectrum of Products:


Being a dependable service provider, we ensure a thorough quality check on every piece of the duplicated disc media before we send out for delivery. Don't hesitate to call us, we have a group of trusted Salesperson to assist you on your designing requirements to the mid press disc label printing and lastly the fulfilment service for the backend requirement such as:

· Pasting of CD/DVD label

· Insertion of CD/DVD cover into CD/DVD plastic jewel case

· Insertion of CD/DVD into Paper sleeve

· Plastic Wrapping of CD/DVD


In today's world, everything is about packaging, and yes, including the certificate you give! Move away from the standard and expensive hard-cover folder and try CMYK's die-cut folder that can be customised exactly to your need! 

Certificate 02.jpg    Certificate 01.jpg

Certificate 03.jpg

Corporate Gift

Gifts create lasting impression and represent your company whenever clients uses it - provided they do use it. Right here at CMYK, choose from a wide range of newly-introduced range of office stationery and gifts that is both practical and presentable. Alternatively, call us up for a suggestion that suits your company! 

Tissue Box.jpg    3319958823_1780295878.jpg

2942942066_1976718806.jpg    2056758724_2091612409.jpg

1825351152_1824949121.jpg    360截图20160624143106823.jpg

10.jpg    4.5.jpg

Corporate Paper Folder

Your folders give the first impression to your content and shows everything about your company. CMYK prints exactly the kind of folder that attracts your audience to want to read the content! The high quality that comes after touching the folder simply add icing to the already beautiful cake.  

Paper Folder 04.jpg    Paper Folder 03.jpg

Paper Folder 02.jpg    Paper Folder 01.png

Paper Folder 06.jpg    Paper Folder 05.jpg

Corporate PVC Ring Folder

Bring all your materials together with the right packaging! Our wide range of PVC Ring folder will cater to the size, colour and print that you desire to give the perfect presentation for all your material! 

P1000863.JPG    4 Ring.jpg

3 Ring.jpg    2 Ring.jpg

Corporate PVC Ring Folder 04.jpg    Corporate PVC Ring Folder 03.jpg

Corporate PVC Ring Folder 02.jpg    Corporate PVC Ring Folder 01.jpg

Creative Design

In all quality of prints, conceptualise and creative design plays a vital role in our printing industry. Hence, CMYK strives to elevate the high standard of design product, preaching it's lasting value and strategic to one's business goals.


CMYK has a strong, innovative and creative design team. We often produce product that has the physical manifestation of its effective branding. With the well-designed product which combines the iconic forms, innovative solutions and engaging user experiences which will deliver what the brand promises to our customers.


Furthermore, we transform our clients' idea and vision into profitable products that are customer-centric and design-driven. Through our team's industrial experience and insights, we uncovered what is important to our consumers, and identify innovative ways to bring out the best in the whole product experience.


In short summary, we conceptualize fabulous ideas and creative solutions that will bring product innovation and value to our clients. With our years of design experience, we design product interactions and interfaces that will enhance the quality of user experience. Often, we conduct design research to help our customer understand their needs, market trends and to identify opportunities for design innovations and differentiation. We offer design visuals to communicate the user experience, functionality and look & feel of the actual product. Lastly, we provide design documentation and support for production to ensure successful roll out of your product.


At CMYK, we take pride in providing dynamic creative solutions to many of our esteemed clienteles in various industries. We are here to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients' printing, marketing, design and promotional needs by providing consistent, reliable and delivering high quality artwork at competitive prices.


Kindly send us an email at with your requirements and we will revert the quotation to you accordingly.


These are some of the design services we provide:


· Banner Design

· Brochure and Catalogue Design

· Business Card Design

· Complimentary Slip Design

· Corporate Folder Design

· Invite Card Design

· Letterhead & Envelope Design

· Menu Design

· Packaging/Label Design

Name Card.jpg    Flyer.jpg

Collaterals.jpg    Calendar.jpg

Brochure.jpg    Backdrop.jpg

Customized Dividers

What exactly does 1,2,3 means in the divider? Fret no more! CMYK offers customised divider that bring the attention to where exactly the user requires. You no longer have to search through the many unnamed sections just to get the information that you need. 


Digital Printing

Our heavy duty printing machineries from well-recognised brands like Fuji Xerox, Canon and Konica, can take on any level of job-scope (Black and White or full colour print) that you require! This is done so quickly without compromising the quality that we assure you as "Your Trusted Print Solutions Consultant".  More than just machines ensuring the quality, our dedicated and experienced staffs will maximise the functions of these machineries to give you the best quality you can find in town! 



Esko - Die cut

Shape your print of your choice and get the attention you want for that print! From simple shapes like circle to complicated shapes like your company name, CMYK can do that for you! Have a shape or and idea in mind? Give us a call today to enquire more!





Complete your print with either a matte or gloss lamination! With lamination, you do not have to worry about stains, smudges, moisture, sweat or anything else that might damage your precious print! In other words, your prints become more durable! 


service with text-09.png   service with text-10.png

service with text-11.png   service with text-12.png

Letter Shopping Service

Being a specialist in Variable Data Printing, CMYK is able to provide a complete range of Letter Shopping services to our clients too. From Front-end, our desktop publisher is able to design and formulate the letter formatting & structures of the letter, so that it will looks impressive in its design. At Mid-end, we have the state-of-the-art digital printing press providing high speed and high quality colour or black & white printing. With the XMPie or Print Shop Mail software we acquired, we are able to have personalized name printed and also various fields of variable data printing at any areas of the letter. Finally at the backend, we have the folding machine to fold all kind of sizes of letters. Thereafter; we have a strong team of manpower to provide the manual insertion of the letter into the envelopes.  

Delivery Services

CMYK provides delivery to our customer's office at a very reasonable rate. Our customer can get us to deliver their letter to their office or getting us to handle the lodgement services to SingPost.

List of our Letter Shopping Services

  • Full mail aggregation services excluding postage, we can provide the PPI if you wish to

  • Printing of address' labels / Carrier sheets / Customized Envelope with Variable Data Printing

  • Creative & Design Management

  • Supply of Local Bag (Beige / Local White Colour bags) / Airmail Bag – Blue Colour

  • Various sizes of Envelopes – Printed or Non-Printed

  • Delivery services

  • Storage Services / Warehousing

  • Handling & Lodgement Services

CMYK methodology is to resolve and release our customer's pain-point at our best support possible. Providing Letter Shopping services to our customers all these years, we have gained their trusts and confidence. Hence, we have a good track record in this area.

Please feel free to call us and we will be very happy to assist you. You can contact us at or call us at our hotline at 6844 7663.


Local & Overseas Delivery

CMYK has a strong fleet of vehicle and courtiers Delivery Executive providing local delivery daily. Our Delivery Executive will deliver all our customers goods to their door step. They wear CMYK's uniform and they are always courteous and friendly guys. They will oblige to help if you need their time to help further the delivery to another floor or area within the initial delivery address. No tips are required.

CMYK have partnered with international freight forwarders such as; DHL, UPS, FedEx to extent overseas delivery to all our customers whom required overseas delivery. We have strong Customer Service Executives to take charge and coordinate the overseas delivery for our customers. Till this day, we have many compliments from our customer for the well managing of their overseas delivery.

We provide local and overseas delivery. For further enquiry please check it out with our Customer Service Officer at or call our hotline@68447663.

10. Local Delivery.png    12.png

IMG_0530.JPG    IMG_0535.JPG

IMG_0524.JPG    IMG_0523.JPG

IMG_0517.JPG    IMG_0515.JPG

IMG_0502.JPG    IMG_0507.JPG

Packing & Insertion Service

CMYK have a strong team of manpower to provide fast and high quality of packing services.  Whether you are running a bundle pack promotion, free give-away gifts or inserting sponsored gifts into conference's bags, CMYK ensures high quality of packing and fastest turnaround possible to meet our customer's promotional or exhibition deadlines. All in all, with our warehousing facility and strong fleet of vehicles, our customer will no longer need to worry about space issue or delivery lead time.

Please do not hesitate to call us, we will be very happy to assist you at all times. You can contact us at or call us at our hotline at 6844 7663.



IMG_0820 - Copy.JPG

Customised Variable Data

Have a document or a marketing product that requires personalised names? Our collection of equipment uses high-technology hardware and software that enables us to produce personalised prints for multiple channels. Through that, we help to bring your standard design straight to the hearts of your clients. 



Vouchers.jpg    Personalised Data Printing.jpg

Poster & Banners

CMYK provides spectrum of Large Format full colour or black & white poster printing.

We offer high quality of printing and have no quantity limit. Below are the various sizes for your choice or if you need us to customize the size for you, we are able to.


** Posters with Lamination PP paper

  A2 size, A1 size and A0 size


** Posters with Lamination mounted on Kapaline Board.

  A2 size, A1 size and A0 size


Pull Up-Standee or X-Standee banners are perfect for Events, Conferences, Promotions or just Marketing. It is a strong marketing and directional tool.

CMYK offers durable and high quality banner that caters to your events.


Size of Banner Available:

Pull-up standee :  85cm x 200cm

100cm x 200cm

120cm x 200cm

X-Standee  :  60cm x 160cm 


Pull Up Banner 02.jpg

Punching Holes

CMYK never underestimated the power of simple services such as punching holes because a slight error will result in misalignment and thereby ruin your beautiful print. The result of the combine effort of our high-tech machine and meticulous staff is your print that demonstrates excellence and professionalism. 

20120626_084634.jpg    Punching Holes.jpg

Storage Service

All of us believed that if we have a higher volume of printing, we will fetch a cheaper unit rate. But the rented space in Singapore is pretty expensive. The economy of scale would tell our customers to go for a smaller print volume because of their space constraint. Therefore, they would not benefit the cheaper print rate. CMYK methodology is to resolve and release our customer's pain-point at our best support possible. Hence, we do our best to provide the storage facilities to our customers. 

Please feel free to call us and we will be very happy to assist you. You can contact us at or call us at our hotline at 6844 7663.


  • Binding
  • Brochure
  • Calendar
  • CD/DVD Label
  • CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive Replication
  • Certificate
  • Corporate Gift
  • Corporate Paper Folder
  • Corporate PVC Ring Folder
  • Creative Design
  • Customised Dividers
  • Digital Printing
  • Esko - Die cut
  • Lamination
  • Letter Shopping Service
  • Local & Overseas Delivery
  • Packing & Insertion Service
  • Personalised Data Printing
  • Poster & Banners
  • Punching Holes
  • Storage Service